Thursday, 28 June 2012

Captain Cavewoman (sort of)

Hi folks, so this is my second week of eating paleo (or 'clean', whatever you want to call it). The only grain I have had in almost a fortnight was two tablespoons of rice and some prawn crackers on my 'off day' when we went to a thai restaurant.

On Friday I decided to cook a paleo style dinner for my partner. I made roasted squash, chorizo, asparagus, coley and prawns, followed by mini frangipane bites and coconut ice cream.
The roast fish was amazing, so much flavour, and so cheap! Two huge pieces for £2.50 from my local market, what a bargain. I just chucked it all in the oven and et voila, as Raymond Blanc would say. It was wonderful.

The frangipane bites were the easiest thing ever, I put some ground almonds in a bowl and mixed in a teaspoon of unrefined brown sugar, some vanilla, one egg and some blueberries, then baked. The coconot ice cream was pretty easy too, though I think I may have scrambled it slightly. Again, a pinch of brown sugar, vanilla, eggs and coconut milk made into custard, then put in the freezer and stirred every half hour. I found it FAR too rich, but my partner loved it, so I'll chalk it up as a success.

Saturday I made a sweet potato rosti with Jimmy's free range sausages and poached eggs. The sausages were really good, and I appreciate any that are gluten and crap free. We went out for Thai saturday night, which was delicious, and even though I'd pegged Saturday as my 'eat what you like' day, I didnt really feel the need to consume large amounts of grain or dairy.
Ive eaten a lot better since I started making an effort to eat unprocessed foods. Plenty of nice lean mean, fish, vegetables, nuts, eggs, etc. Ive been making amazing ratatouille style stews and adding chicken or pork, having delicious slads with baked sweet potatoes and fruit with almond butter. I even made some paleo-style muffins (I got the recipe from here... I switched a couple of things, I swapped the quantities of flour, as I ran our of ground almonds, and used olive oil. I think the coconut flour made it all a bit dry, so I added another egg and loosened it up with almond milk, and threw some ground flaxseed through. They were AMAZING. I did not expect them to be so sweet and delicious, but they were really good. Next time I may add some protein powder for extra power :). All in all, I think I could (and am) get used to this.

I am certainly enjoying myself, and am full of energy :D

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