Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Plenty of Mussel

This Friday I cooked up another paleo style dinner for my partner. He's enjoying the food I make, and as I have still made him dessert there have been no complaints so far. We started Friday evening with some mussels. I used a John Torode recipe from BBC http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1854641/mussels-in-thai-broth , but I omitted the tomato and palm sugar, and added some creamed coconut to make a creamy sauce. They were amazing, really delicious and fresh.

For the main I made chicken in a sundried tomato sauce. I pan fried the chicken, then added it to a casserole dish with some sweet potato and baked it. I used the pan the chicken was cooked in to fry some sundried tomatos, then added chicken stock, thyme and the leftover sauce from the mussels. It made a really rich, creamy savoury sauce, and I served it up with some spinach on the side.

Dessert was a chocolate frangipane style pot. I cut up some cherries, and popped them in the bottom of ramekins, then mixed high quality cocoa, ground almonds, an egg and some vanilla paste into a thick batter and spooned it on top. I baked them in the oven for 15 mins at 180c. They were soooooo rich! A really rich dessert treat. The picture looks like a little pot of dirt, but trust me, it tasted lovely.

Saturday I attempted to make coconut flour pancakes, which just went awfully wrong, that flour is not designed for pancake making. For dinner we went to Jamie Olivers Italian. As it was my 'free day' I had a bit of non-paleo food. We shared arancini (fried risotto balls) and some fried squid to start. For my main I had a sea bream in tomato, capers and olives, which was amazing, and for dessert I had the richest, gooiest chocolate pot. Im still not eating very much grain on my cheat meals, as Ive been feeling so good it seems a shame to spoil it.

Sunday brunch I made a menemen style eggs and chorizo hash. I fried cubes of sweet potato and chorizo and onions, then added some tomatos, cracked some eggs on top and threw it in the oven. It was wonderful. Full of spicy depth and was filling too. Ill definitely be making that again.

So, another weekend done, and more yummy food eaten. I'll post more paleo recipes as I try them :)

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