Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Odd one out

I had one of those moments the other week when I had a few things to use up and no idea what to make. Seeing risotto rice in the cupboard, I thought I could use up my celery and make a veg risotto. I ended up throwing in quite an odd combination of things, remembering some peas I had in the freezer, some leftover lamb and mint that had begun to wilt.

I sweated celery with garlic, and added the rice, then soaked some porcini in hot water to add later. Once I'd started adding stock I threw in the plumped up porcini, its water, some frozen peas, lamb, and at the end a smattering of mint and parmesan.

The result was a minted pea and lamb risotto. Possibly one of the oddest things Ive ever made, but it was actually really nice. A lot nicer than it possibly sounds anyway :)

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