Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Post-holiday Posting

So Ive been rubbish at updating. I went on holiday in March and havent really found time since then to post, so Im updating with several new posts at once.
The holiday was fantastic, I went to Almeria, Spain, with a group of friends. We were self catering, so a lot of what we ate we made ourselves, though we did go out for some delicious meals, cluding, of course, Paella.

The first day we visited this little restaurant just down from our Hotel. It was great, it had this 3 course, 10 euro menu, so I ordered salad, paella and fried anchovies (Yum). It was delcicious, and SO cheap. The food in the supermarkets there was amazing too, again, cheap and good quality stuff. We found the hugest tomato

And some awesome looking cakes....

We made a lot of pasta, it was something everyone seemed to enjoy, so we had it with pesto, tomato and chorizo and homemade garlic bread, and as part of a delcious Italian style broth that the wonderful Hannahs grandma taught her to make.

We also had delcious homemade burgers

And we got to eat some delcious fish, paella and even experiment with new flavours of ice cream

 Overall it was a fab trip, great food, plenty of sangria, and wonderful company :)

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