Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Easter Feasting

Easter bank holiday preed me with a whole world of fun to be had, I had time to spend cooking, and enjoying cooking. I'd found some recipes that I wanted to try, and Easter was the perfect time.

The weekend started early, and so Thursday I decided to make pizza, I really love homemade pizza, and wanted to go all out. The toppings were chicken, proscuitto, chorizo and was a bit of a meat fest. I made my own tomato base using onions, herbs, anchovies and tomato. The anchovy gave it a lovely salty depth, it is definitely my new favourite ingredient.

It was delicious. :)
We went out for dinner on the Friday, so the fish I'd had in mind was saved for Saturday instead. I had seen a great paella recipe in Olive magazine, from the chef Jason Atheron. The recipe itself can be found here I used salmon in mine instead of cod, and I didnt leave it to rest inbetween. The result was great anyway, we both really enjoyed it

Sunday was (of course) lamb. I roasted it with anchovy and garlic, and served it with roast veg and gravy. I also made nutella brownies for dessert. A recipe from a friend, and possibly the most simple brownies ever, they consist of

8 tablespoons of nutella
8 tablespoons (or enough to create the right texture) of wholemeal flour or half and half wholemeal and ground almonds
2 eggs

They were really gooey and delcious, AND (if you want to kid yourselves like we do) full of slow releasing energy .

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