Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Soup-er weekend

This weekend the bf was away, and so Friday night was instead spent at a friends house for dinner,where yummy homemade sushi and katsu curry were on the menu, as well as TWO birthday cakes! All of it was delicious, though maybe a little too much cake was eaten that day (I'd already had a small piece after lunch,eep!).

Saturday I attempted to make buckwheat pancakes, suing buckwheat flour,salt,water and oil. The first was an utter disaster, and looked like, what my mum described as, a sea monster. The second was almost perfect, and both tasted fine with some cheese and grapes. Not a convetional breakfast, but its not the oddest thing Ive had.
Saturday evening I made a creamy chorizo and pea pasta. I fried the chorizo and added cream and parmesan, then threw in the pasta and peas with a little pasta water. So simple and really tasty. Brown rice pasta cooks well, and is a great gluten free option.

The biggest success of the weekend, though, has to be Sunday. Ive been experimenting with soups, and decided to make a Tomato and Basil, an a Thai red lentil.
The tomato and basil is made up of

1-2 Red onions
A couple of cloves of garlic
3 tins of tomatoes
Pinch of sugar

Fry off the onions and garlic, chuck in the tomatoes and sugar. Add water or veg stock and cook until all nicely soft. Then add basil, blend, and add cream.

The Thai red lentil was by far my favourite though, I found the recipe in an old copy of good food magazine.

1-2 red onions
Spoonful thai red curry pasta
300g red lentils

Fry Onions and curry paste, add lentils and water, and cook until soft, Then add

Creamed coconut
Chopped spring onions

And its ready to serve. I had mine with a homemade pasty. This weeks flavour was roasted squash, feta, spring onion and pea, with a little tomato and chilli chutney. Heaven

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