Monday, 6 February 2012

First Post

Ive started this blog as a scrapbook to document the things I cook, places I eat and how they turn out. So this weekend has been a pleasant little whirl of cooking and baking. Friday nights dinner was pesto coated mozzarella, pesto and roast chicken pasta, and garlic ciabatta, rounded off with (a little too much after all that) cherry frangipane tart. It was the first time I'd made the tart, and it was surprisingly easy. Had a bit of an issue trying to roll out the gluten free pastry case, and in the end just gave up and shoved it into the pastry dish in the shape of a tart. It baked a lot better then I expected. I try to mostly eat a mostly gluten free diet, but sometimes just cant resist (the whole meal, aside from the ciabatta, was gluten free, using brown rice pasta, etc), Im always my own undoing. My food, sadly, isnt often very well presented, no matter how I try.

I rounded the weekend off by trying out a new recipe I found in Olive magazine, for an orange and cardomom loaf cake, which turned out really well. not usuall a fan of cardomom, as I find it quite soapy, but it gave the cake a lovely aromatic edge. Until next time..

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