Monday, 13 February 2012

Pastry glorious pastry

Ive gone a little pastry mad this week. The success of the pastys led me on to bigger (and better) things, and so this Friday's ofering was a pie. I filled it with chicken, leek and a variety of other vegetables, and decided to road test the 'Heston' way of making cheese sauce. The outcome was delcious. The sauce was easy to make, light and a good consistency, not too runny, but not too thick. I think the skipping of making the roux and instead adding cornflour to the cheese is a really good idea, though maybe isnt thick enough for something like a lasagne.
The pie itself had a pastry hat, but no bottom, as the filling was quite wet and I felt it would go a bit soggy.
Here is the pie in all its glory

I did attempt to present it a little nicer, but as you can see, still not quite a masterchef.

Saturday I was supposed to be having a pre-valentines dinner cooked for me, but it was decided instead that we should go out. We went to Chai-yo ( which is a favourite of ours. Nottingham has some really good thai restaurants, and this is definitely one of my favourites.
For starter we had the mixed Chai-yo platter, which was yummy, if a little greasy. Most of the starters are deep fried, they could do with a couple of more fresh options, but they're still nice.
For main I had the sea bass in red curry sauce, and my partner has the prawns in red curry sauce. Both are wonderful, especially the sea bass. It comes cooked whole and is absolutely great, the sauce is full of flavour. I would recommend any of their sea bass dishes.
Its a really reasonabley priced restaurant, the staff are friendly but dont hassle you, and its got a really nice atmosphere. Definitely somewhere I would recommend.

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